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We have remained successful at HFW by navigating changes in our industry and the industries we have served for the last 70 years. Our work began in 1947 as a local manufacturer and repair shop for Western New York-based companies. As the economic climate and industries changed, we changed along with them, and today our services are utilized across North America and into South America, the European Union, Australia and Asia. Our customers range from local family-owned operations to multi-national Fortune 500 conglomerates.

As a job shop, we have worked (and continue to work) in the chemical, power generation, printing, military, steel, automotive, electronics, plastics, paper/pulp, hi-tech and many other industries over time.

We are continually finding and developing new applications in growing markets that can take advantage of the one source service offering we provide. Our team of engineers and manufacturing personnel are working to find new ways to help our customers every day.

Please review the corresponding pages for information on industry-specific work, or call or send an email via our Contact Us page to discuss answers to your specific needs.