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Thermal Spraying

At HFW, we strive to be your one source supplier by integrating our specialty coating services with our full service manufacturing process. Our customers come to HFW because of our ability to combine our thermal spray process with our welding, machining, precision finishing and assembly capabilities.

Thermal spraying includes a variety of processes where molten material is propelled onto a substrate. The two surfaces form a mechanical bond and the substrate temperature generally remains below 300 degrees fahrenheit so zero distortion occurs.

The thermal spray process is used for the purpose of restoring component size to OEM dimensions, and extending service life through enhancing resistance to abrasion, wear, heat and corrosion, among others. The results are lower maintenance costs and increased uptime for our customers!

We specialize in thermal spraying metal, ceramic, cermet and carbide coatings via High Velocity Oxygen-Fuel (HVOF), plasma spray, metallizing, spray weld and Rokide™ processes.

Since 1947 HFW has remained at the forefront of industry innovation with continual investment in thermal spray technologies and systems. Whether it was our being the first commercial licensee of the Norton Rokide™ process in 1957, we are developing new coatings or investing in new thermal spray technologies in our robotic production cells, we do so to ensure our customers receive the best possible quality, delivered on-time.

Some important benefits to thermal spraying include:

  • Components can be re-engineered using higher performance materials
  • Wear is prevented or retarded
  • Improved functionality and life of process-related or OEM equipment
  • Improved lead time—repairing components vs. manufacturing
  • Obsolete parts no longer available from the OEM are able to be repaired/salvaged

Additionally, we partner with customers and suppliers to develop and apply proprietary thermal spray coatings that are application specific. Please call or send an email via our Contact Us page to discuss answers to your specific needs.

For further technical data on HFW Thermal Spraying processes, please refer to our Technical Library for a list of our continually updated technical data sheets.

Also, please refer to our Photo Gallery and Videos pages for additional details and examples of how our one source capabilities can help your company today.