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Hardfacing and Welding Overlays

Hardfacing and welding overlays are at the root of our name – HFW Industries, Inc. Founded in 1947 as Hard Face Welding & Machine Co., Inc., our history and breadth of experience in hardfacing and welding is unique to HFW, and an important part of the value we offer our customers.

Weld overlays are used for many of the same reasons thermal spray processes are. We strive to incorporate our hardfacing services with our thermal spraying, machining, precision finishing and assembly capabilities.

HFW weld overlays can be constructed through a variety of processes including Arc, TIG, MIG, Oxy-Fuel Torch, Submerged Arc, and Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA). Hardfacing materials generally consist of carbide, nickel, cobalt or iron-based alloys supplied in a rod, wire or powder form to suit the process being used.

In opposition to thermal spraying, which provides a mechanical bond with the substrate, the hardfaced weld overlay forms a metallurgical bond with the substrate. Hardfacing is also used to rebuild parts to OEM specification, or extend the components service life through enhancing resistance to abrasion, wear, heat, corrosion and impact resistance, among others. Hardfacing may be applied selectively to critical wear areas on new parts, and may also be used as a means of restoring worn parts to original size.

In hardfacing, it is critical to know the chemistry and heat treatment of the base metal so proper welding parameters and preheat and post-weld heat treatments are followed.

For additional technical data on HFW hardfacing processes, please refer to our Technical Library for a list of our continually updated technical data sheets.

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