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HFW’s Machining complements Coating, Finishing & Assembly Capabilities Providing ONE SOURCE Service

February 3rd, 2014
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   How HFW’s One Source Solutions Help You!

Along with our machining capability, HFW has been providing weld overlays and thermal spray coatings for prolonged life and restoration of equipment used in highly corrosive atmospheres.

By providing one source service, our customers receive the confidence that one proven supplier will handle all the technical issues that come with properly preparing and finishing coated pieces of equipment.

Additional services include…

~ Dynamic Balancing
~ Stress Relieving
~ Precision Grinding
~ Superfinishing
~ Assembly
~ Project Management
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Over the last couple years, HFW has greatly expanded our machining capabilities – from the addition of new state-of-the-art CNC machinery to a growing team of highly skilled machinists.

Known for many years for high quality machining of mostly larger parts, we’ve grown to include CNC machining of a wider range of sizes and complexity, allowing us to expand our in-house capability for production and assembly work.

CNC Machining-Okuma Cell
(Pictured: Above- CNC cell/ Left- programming our Horizontal Machining Center.

 Below- turning of 48″ O.D. turbine shaft)

 Lathe-Turbine   Machining Capabilities Include:    ~ Turning

  • Lathes (13)- to 50″ Dia. Swing x 312″ Long
  • CNC (5)- to 37″ Dia. Swing x 200″ Long
   ~ Milling Centers

  • CNC Vertical Machining Centers (2)-  to 25″ x 60″ Table
  • CNC Horizontal Machining Center (1)- 36″ x 64″ Table
  • Bed Type Mill (1)- 32″ x 78″ Table
  • Horizontal Boring Mills/ Manual (2)- to 62″ x 68″ Rotary Table
  • CNC Horizontal Boring Mill (1)- 55″ x 63″ Rotary Table

   ~ Miscellaneous

  • Planers (2)- to 36″ x 96″ Openside
  • Radial Drill
   Whether it’s the manufacturing or restoration of equipment
or components, one piece or one-hundred- consider HFW
for your upcoming requirements!

Expanded CNC Machining Capabilities

February 6th, 2011

Over the last two years, HFW has greatly expanded its CNC machining capabilities – from the addition of new state-of-the-art machinery to a team of highly skilled CNC specialists. Known for many years for high quality machining of mostly larger parts, we’ve grown to include CNC machining of a wider range of sizes, while still maintaining our industry leading reputation for quality.

Our CNC Machining capabilites include:

  • Turning to 40″ diameter x 200″ centers
  • Horizontal Boring Mill- 55″ x 67″ Rotary Table X=78″ Y=59″ Z=57″ 60 Tools
  • Horizontal Machining Center- 30″ x 80″ Table with 30″ Built In Rotary Table
  • Vertical Machining Centers- To 25″ x 60″ Table
  • Rotary Tables & Indexing Heads

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